Saturday, July 11, 2009

Art In The Park

Congress Park, Saratoga Springs

My lunch break today I went down to see all the great art! Very nice, beautiful day, lot of people! I hope the artists made some sales ;-/

My mission was to photo some and gather up contact info and during this next week I'll be posting what I have gathered up!
I managed to get 15 that I'll be posting here, the others, I apologize, your works were great, but I had already over-extended my lunch break :)

Most I picked at random, but a few I recognize as patrons to Soave's art supplies!

Soo, First is first:

"Connie Bush"
Tiger Eye Photo...
Email Connie:

"Jessica Karle"
(Laura, Bronwyn, Melinda, Patrick, Alexis)
Email Jessica:

"Robert Bootier"
Email Robert:

"Michael George"
Phone Michael:(518) 792-5178

Coupon page
Featured Artist
Questions? Call: 1-518-587-8448

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